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Paul Chek Live in London


Sunday, December 21st, 2008
at the British Osteopathic College, Borough High Street,
London, SE1 1JE

£45 per lecture

A wonderful opportunity to experience a dynamic entertaining presenter

Ideal for anyone wishing to improve their health and vitality

Flatten your Abs Forever Lecture
10 AM - 12.30 PM

The most popular infomercial devices sold on TV are for flattening your abdominals. In fact, millions upon millions of pounds worth of these devices have been sold around the world.

Billions and billions of pounds worth of creams, pills, drinks and hormone supplements touted to flatten your abs forever have also been sold and continue to be hot sales items to this day. BUT HAS THIS WORKED?

Come join Paul Chek, Founder of the C.H.E.K Institute, world famous Holistic Health Practitioner, Trainer and consultant of many of the world's top athletes and sports teams so you can learn how to truly, and FINALLY!, flatten your abs forever.

Paul Chek will show you numerous ways to turn your washtub abs into a washboard abs!

You will learn how diet, hydration, your hormonal system, your internal organs, medical drugs, stress, constipation, and more are all essential components to truly flattening your abs forever.

You will be amazed when Paul Chek shows you how simple and right in front of you the answers to your body shape challenges are.

Don't miss this chance to get it right once and for all! This very popular lecture drew over 500 people in Sydney, Australia, so don't miss this chance to learn from a man that walks his talk; at age 47, Paul Chek is as lean and fit as ever, with great (natural) abs too!

Reserve your seat now by calling 01273 856860

An Integrated Approach to Holistic Health
2 PM - 4.30 PM

What is Holistic Health? The concept of holistic health is fast becoming a fad; is "holistic" the next buzzword? Today, disease rates are skyrocketing.

The number of people statistically likely to acquire cancer in their lifetime is now 1 in 2!

How is it that humanity has become so sick worldwide?

Are we suffering from a division of body, mind and soul?

Can we really cure illness with drugs, and if so, why hasn't it happened yet? Who better to address these critical issues at a time when there is hardly a family not touched by disease than Paul Chek, a world recognized and respected Holistic Health Practitioner.

In this self-empowering lecture, Paul shares the fruits of his 25-year career in Holistic Health.

Paul will combine his knowledge of tried and tested natural health practices as ancient as shamanism itself with his modern science of mind approach to creating health and vitality.

The health and exercise professional will gain many new ways of looking at themselves and their clients. Laymen will come to truly understand how critical and intimate our relationship with nature is, and how to begin living a life of integrated holistic health.

If you've had questions about life, about creating health and well-being that you not yet found answers to, now is your chance to see why Paul Chek is famous for creating clarity on complex issues of life and health.

Book your seat now at 01273 856860