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Paul at the world-renowned C.H.E.K Institute in Vista, California.

Why are people so attracted to Paul Chek's teachings? Because his teachings result from his practice, his very embodiment of a life of health and well-being. Paul's teachings move past theory and improve your reality!

Each morning, Paul begins his workshop with energizer exercises to enliven your body and focus your mind.

Doing these exercises was so moving! Paul showed me that I really can meditate!” 
- Barbara Crean

"Paul himself is a real person. He lives all of the principles that he teaches and that’s great. It’s nice to know that the person in front of the room is doing this too."
- Lorna Downie

Workshop participants frequently share their personal discoveries with each other, drawing strength and motivation from discussing their growth with people just as eager as they are to discover and live their dreams.



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Mastering Self: Creating Emotional and Mental Freedom ~ Now!

Reward Your Self with Physical, Emotional, Spiritual
and Mental Well-being!

November 5th through 8th, 2009
at Easts Function Centre, Bondi Junction
93-97 Spring Street, Sydney, Australia

“The highest form of spirituality is taking responsibility for your Self.” 
~ Paul Chek


Imagine what your life would be like if you doubled your current energy levels…  if you permanently uprooted the habits and thought patterns that have held you back from your dreams… if you sidestepped unnecessary stress with ease…  if you knew a simple way to decode your body’s health symptoms… 

The Mastering Self workshop is all about helping you to take that picture you just built with your imagination and make it into a reality. Designed around the incredibly successful principles Paul Chek developed in over 25 years of Holistic Health practice, this workshop focuses on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual foundations of well-being.

And Paul’s approach is truly holistic. Here’s just a shortlist of the questions you’ll be able to answer by the workshop’s end:

  • How has my past shaped who I am? What events in my past that are getting in the way of my dreams today?
  • What are the most enjoyable and healthy physical activities for me? How can best I implement them in my life?
  • What is it that brings meaning and value to my life? How can I make those things a permanent fixture of each and every day?
  • What is the best way to eat to support my body’s unique biochemical needs?

Beyond answering these crucial questions, you’ll understand how to build and sustain the motivation to sustain all the changes you’re making. That’s the key!

As a workshop participant, you’ll benefit from:

  • Four days of live coaching from Paul Chek, internationally-renowned Holistic Health Professional
  • Daily energizer exercises to build energy and focus your mind
  • Lively, open group discussions to help you apply what you’re learning
  • A complete illustrated manual, providing you with a guide to all of the concepts and techniques offered in the workshop that you can keep using when you go home
  • Continuing support with access to the PPS Success Mastery Program lesson 2 online

In short, Paul's Mastering Self workshop is all about providing you with the foundation to pursue your life to the fullest!

Curious about exactly how you'll be spending your days at our workshop? 

Have a look the workshop schedule here.