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Are you wondering, “How do I know that the workshop will genuinely change my life for the better?” Paul trusts these methods because he has used every tool and technique in this workshop to make his own dreams a reality. More importantly, Paul knows these tools and techniques works because he’s seen how these methods have changed the lives of people just like you that have participated in the How to Find and Live Your Legacy workshop before. Here is what some of them had to say about their experience at the How to Find and Live Your Legacy Workshop:

“From beginning to end, this workshop was amazing. When I came to the program, I knew that I didn’t want to be floating through life and the workshop gave me the structure to direct myself in the way I want. Nobody has ever synthesized Personal, Professional and Spiritual Success in one program the way that Paul has. Usually you get one of those in a program and not the others, but Paul helps in all of these areas. The workshop is so effective because Paul helps you to find your own way, he doesn’t dictate how you should live your life and I knew I could trust what Paul was saying because I could see that he lives everything he says. This workshop was so moving – I didn’t want to leave! After my return, my clients have noticed a real change in my attitude and energy and my new energy allows me to train in a different way. I’m already feeling the difference the workshop has made in me!”

~ Barbara Crean

“The workshop definitely opened my eyes to a lot of different facets of my life that I need to look at. I’ve been on the course of personal and professional development for a long time, but it was guided by own direction and my own discipline. Considering that I have a tendency to let my mind wander it was easy for me to "fall off the wagon." I’m 23 and I’ve just opened my own gym and that took me off course because my focus was headed in a different direction. Even though this is a dream come true for me, it was easy for me to become busy and absorbed with "putting out the daily brush fires of life." It was very challenging to keep myself headed in the right direction with my own development and to know where to focus my energies in order to achieve the highest yield from my investment of time and effort. I ask myself daily, "Is this worth spending my time on?" The P~P~S Program provides my answer. It's all laid out for you by Paul Chek and his 45 years of life experience."

~ Barney Kuntze

“The workshop was a life changing experience. I had always thought ‘I can’t leave Toronto, I can’t do this… I can’t do that.’ This seminar changed all of that. All of the exercises were so well done and I didn’t want to miss a word of the discussions. Paul is full of so much information that it’s just pouring out of him and I liked his candidness – we all need that. It helped me to be real and honest with myself. Most importantly, Paul himself is a real person. He lives all of the principles that he teaches and that’s great. It’s nice to know that the person in front of the room is doing this too. Working with the other participants was an amazing experience as well – it was so motivating to hear that others shared your experiences. Even the food was fantastic! All of the pieces of the seminar just fit.”

~ Lorna Downie




"Paul himself is a real person. He lives all of the principles that he teaches and that’s great. It’s nice to know that the person in front of the room is doing this too."

- Lorna Downie

P~P~S Success Practitioner Aaron McKenzie's beautiful core values mind-map shows how the whole-brain learning process aids in the realization of your dreams.

Each morning, Paul begins his workshop with energizer exercises to enliven your body and focus your mind. “Doing these exercises was so moving! Paul showed me that I really can meditate!”

- Barbara Crean

J. Barney Kuntze