PPS Success Mastery Center



How to Find & Live Your Legacy - Live!
for Healthcare Practitioners


As a healthcare practitioner, you will discover that your work in the P~P~S Success Workshop will benefit your clients directly. Paul Chek has defined the cutting edge in the healthcare field for the past 23 years, working with and training thousands of clients in this field. Living a life that is incompatible with your dreams and values is the true source of innumerable illnesses and diseases. Until you take control and heal your own life, no pills, props, rubs, gels or super drinks will remove the pains and frustrations you feel. Health professionals will quickly discover in this workshop that living your legacy immediately sets you on the path to vitality, health and wellness by removing the stresses that cause so many of life’s pains. If you do that for yourself, you will be able to do it for your clients!

Paul Chek’s system of health and wellbeing development is based on observable fact. We have more health and exercise professionals and more scientific advancements than ever in history, yet, we are the sickest, most sedentary people ever to inhabit the planet! Why? The answer is a lack of leadership! The health and exercise professionals attending this course will learn first and foremost that you can’t give what you don’t have! They will also learn how to use themselves and their own lives as a living testament to their ability. Health and wellbeing simply isn’t something that one can purchase, nor learn by reading or word-of-mouth. It can only come through leadership by example! This course teaches you how to become the example of wellbeing that your patients and clients can see, feel, experience and emulate! Any health and exercise professional attending this course will:

    • Be much more excited to work with other people when they realize that their clients and patients are on the same path they are, yet typically have not been fortunate enough to have success training from successful people who possess wellbeing!
    •  Vastly improve their ability to identify the true etiology of their patients’ and clients’ pain, anxiety, fear, depression and fatigue.
    • Better understanding how the mind works. This is essential to being an effective health and exercise professiona, and mastering your own mind is the first step to offering effective help to others!
    • Come to understand the relationship between mental, emotional and physical pain and dysfunction. The manifestation of pain and dysfunction in the physical body is most commonly the expression of emotional, mental and spiritual mismanagement. Just as the centerline and ditch are there to guide you, the driver, to your chosen destination, so too are pain and dysfunction, and joy and happiness there to encourage personal responsibility and therefore empower you to become an active participant in your own evolution.

Does our Workshop sound like something your clients might benefit from? Introduce them to How to Find and Live Your Legacy ~ Live! with our workshop outline, written especially for your clients.

"The first lesson helped me to discover my legacy. At the time, I was having serious doubts about my career path. But, completing Paul's first lesson reinforced the fire and the passion that I hold for the health and fitness field. The first PPS lesson also opened a door for me that still amazes me to this day. I was petrified of public speaking my entire life. The PPS Program has taught me that I absolutely love to teach when I am lecturing on topics that I am passionate about. The PPS Program helped me to discover that my ultimate goal is to travel the world and teach or lecture about health and fitness to large groups."

- Dan Hellman, Fort Lauderdale, USA


Chi ~ Energy ~ always wants to create something more beautiful. What you do for yourself, you do for others ~ for there is no leadership beyond what you are. Come create your dreams with Paul Chek and be your dream come true.

The materialized world is outside of you. What you have yet to create, exists as seeds within you. If you don't go within, you go without.

"I'm not looking for followers! I'm hungry to create with fellow travelers seeking unity, wholeness, and well-being." ~ Paul Chek

Dan Hellman