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Our most vocal supporters have always been men and women who have undergone training with Paul Chek and discovered their innate potential to be the axle of their own evolution. It’s not difficult to find praise for Paul’s techniques because—let’s face it—they work!

Health and Medical Practitioners: Read about the exciting and often inspirational stories of success and personal fulfillment from the many healing arts professionals who have achieved their goals using Personal ~ Professional ~ Spiritual techniques.

Matt Wallden [London, UK] Golf Biomechanic, Osteopath, Naturopath, MSc Ost Med, BSc (Hons) Ost Med, ND, DO, MTILA

Matt’s experience with Paul Chek’s techniques:
Several years ago, I was out walking with a friend, colleague and mentor of mine—someone who many would consider one of the best osteopaths in the world. He turned to me, with a slightly defeated look in his eyes, and said:

"Matt, a therapist's ability to get someone better, and their ability to make money are, at best, loosely correlated."

This sentiment struck me profoundly. For many years, I had purely strived toward being a good therapist and had hoped that my efforts would be followed by the reward of a thriving profession. Now I realized that I also needed to be a businessman. Interestingly, it had already dawned on me that many of the business-savvy therapists I'd had the fortune of knowing would generally rank very low on my list of those I would go to, if I were in pain. I wanted to be good at both!

"I met Paul Chek for the first time in 1997 and instantly recognized that he was both therapeutically in the same league as my osteopathic mentor, and was also a proficient businessman. Training in Paul's techniques brought many new personal and professional challenges into my life, which Paul successfully and skillfully guided me through. My sense of personal and professional worth has grown exponentially and yet realistically. If you're hungry for fast-track success, I genuinely cannot recommend Paul and his work more highly."

Rory Mullin
MSc, ATC, CAT(c), Player Consultants, Toronto

"Paul Chek is a great inspiration to many. Paul truly walks the talk. The way he lives his life legacy is a living example of passion and commitment to excellence. He has a tremendous influence on the health, fitness, nutrition and sport medicine industry. His ability to continue to grow and evolve in many directions has a great impact on myself and others.

I have learned, discovered, and observed many changes in myself through the variety of lessons. Paul has showed me how important it is to maintain my health and vitality, so I can better serve others. As a therapist I am eager to learn new methods to problem solve and Paul has shared great insight and views on many complex issues that arise and have been useful at enhancing health and performance Paul the journey has been amazing and I look forward to learning and sharing much more.

Thank-you so much for the guidance, lectures, workouts, and time together. You have helped me to learn to live my legacy. Keep up the great work!"

Kim Trotta
-Whitby, Canada

"A few months ago, I attended a conference in Toronto where Paul Chek gave several talks. As always the talks were inspiring and motivational. I realized then listening to him how much personal growth I have experienced since being introduced into the world of Paul Chek and the information and learning tools he provides. It became clear while I was sitting there what Lesson 1 actually meant to me and how it helped me. The exercises and self-assessment in Lesson 1 were particularly helpful. People don’t know their weaknesses until they really have to dig deep and think about them and the exercises in Lesson 1 force you to take a close look at yourself. They also helped to identify the times in my life where major events shaped my current habits. This allowed me to accept myself and heal the wounds the events inflicted. This lesson helped me to see that all of those difficult moments in my life provide me with the materials to create something even better."

Greg Muller
- Osaka, Japan

"Creating and Living your Legacy is a natural expression of human potential. With the education offered through Paul Chek's PPS Success Mastery Program you are given the road map toward success and living your legacy. This program without doubt provides the framework and tools for a happy, healthy and abundant life."

Harry Yuan
- San Francisco, USA

"Paul Chek's program is so different from anything else out there. In the first lesson I was able to tune into myself and establish what I am all about. With Paul's help I can emotionalize my dreams and it is because of his coaching that I know I will reach my goals and that my dreams will come true. I follow Paul because he is a true leader, he is not afraid to tell me the truth, and he sets the example. Most individuals do not stay true to themselves, but Paul has, and he will and already has stayed true to all of the PPS practitioners. In the first lesson I was able to get much more in touch with myself and truly be clear on what my dream is. In the second lesson I was able to battle with my weakness, and now I have created an individual who is much more highly productive. After these two lessons Paul's lessons have helped me with my business. Today, I am conducting a radio show (I Heart Organic: SF) on 90.3 KUSF every Saturday morning from 10:00-10:30 out of the SF Bay area, running a business as a Nutrition, Lifestyle and Exercise Coach, as well as writing a book to help individuals in San Francisco become truly healthy! Without Paul I wouldn't have been able to accomplish all that I have accomplished at such a young age. THANK YOU PAUL!!!"

Gunnila Blomberg -Halmstad, Sweden

"Lesson 1, Finding Your Legacy, has helped me to take a step forward in my life. To reflect over my life in the way you do in the program is both challenging and useful. You never take time to do that in your daily life and you don’t ask the right questions. In Lesson 1 you have to face yourself and to realize what you really want to do and what your purpose is in life. To bring your legacy with you in your heart, enriches life and make you see things clearer and in a new way.

Because the Lesson 1 exercises ask you to draw Mandalas and mind-maps to find your legacy, the program has also helped me to use the creative side of my brain more than I did before. I have started to make a mind-map for every book I read, and I really enjoy it. It’s so fun!

When I have heard Paul Chek in seminars and courses he often touches the spiritual subject and I’ve always felt that I wanted to hear and learn more about it. In the PPS Success Mastery Program, I have found what I have been looking for."

James Goodlatte
- Miami, USA

"The very first series of questions I answered in Paul Chek's PPS program changed my family's relationships with each other. We happened to be taking a family vacation, where the irritation would often explode soon after take-off. This time, however, I was exploring answers to 'Homework Assignment 1' which followed the format, 'How did your Mother....., How did your Father......, How did your parents teach you to.........., How have you deviated from their teaching?, etc.' In an effort to really learn in this assignment, I began discussing the concepts with my parents and sister, which encouraged them to think about their own lives. The effect has simply been the most powerful force for positive change that my family has ever experienced.

There is no price that can be placed on that."

 Andrew Jackson MSc, BSc, FA Fitness Trainer, Massage Therapist

When I started studying Paul Chek's work, like many people, I felt that I had found the information that I had been craving for years. It was also presented in a practical and applied way that enabled me to first use it myself, and then introduce it in an understandable fashion to my clients.”

Ximena Gonzalez  NSCA-CPT, Exercise Coach

What I admire most about Paul Chek is his courage to stand up to those so- called ‘experts’ who have deceived us for the sake of money and power. Paul Chek is at the forefront of the inevitable Wellness Revolution.”

Gary Crozier Golf Biomechanic, 2001 Personal Training on the Net’s 'International Trainer of the Year'

With Paul Chek’s help, I rebuilt myself from the inside out. I have since tripled my income and I have been able to help many people along the way. I now work with people like me; people who Doctors and Specialists had written off as hopeless cases. He walks the talk and is a great inspiration to us all.”

There are lots more stories about PPS Success Mastery from those who have taken the step, but the truth is you’ve got to make change happen in your own life. This program is guaranteed to be your key to unlocking your potential for self-healing and reaching your goals for success, happiness and wealth.


Josette Curry
Toronro, Ontario

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Jonathon (Barney) Kuntze
- age 23
Brunner, Ontario Canada
Gym owner-Personal Trainer
Strength training, reading, snowboarding,
skateboarding and riding my Sport Bike.

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Lisa Schultz

Torrence, California
Personal Trainer

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