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Jeffrey Bornman   Feedback   9/29/2009 1:13:27 PM
Inner Idea Hey Paul, it was great to see you and converse for a while at Inner Idea. As I mentioned, I have used aspects of your "Scientific Ab Training" with clients for well over 15 years and have "followed" your development over the years. I was very pleased to see you there with all of your content... You are exactly appropriate for the "Inner" conference. I look forward to seeing you there, and other places, well into the future as we all continue to grow in our functions as leaders of the fitness world, pointing those who will go to higher ground. Peace and Godspeed, Jeffrey Bornman Submitted By: Jeffrey Bornman

Jaka   Feedback   8/20/2009 2:39:39 PM
organic food Greetings! I think that this site is great, because of the content it has. Some really valuable information. I have a question, I wish you could answer. Since I read your book - How to eat move and be healthy now, I'm a little confused since todays news I heard on TV. It was about independent research made in U.K. which claims that organic food isn't much different than commerciali grown. The only difference wich is worth mantioning, they say, is in eggs and meat. So that people could have helth benefits from consuming organic eggs and meat. I am looking forward to your answer. Best regards! Jaka Submitted By: Jaka

steve denby   The Last 4 Doctors   5/24/2008 5:06:59 PM
The Last 4 Doctors Feedback i havnt finished yet as i am also reading about adrenal health and metabolic dieting as well as working family living etc but so far so good very easy to absorb Submitted By: steve denby

Dennis Huntsman   The Last 4 Doctors   5/9/2008 3:20:49 PM
The Last 4 Doctors Feedback Thank you for the 4 drs. I have found it most interesting. I have finished it already and enjoy using the principles. I have been a Chek fan for several years and enjoy your books. I just wish there was a Chek practioner here in Stuttgart that I could work with. I do a lot of the exercises on my own and it has enriched my life and that of my family as well. I look forward to future publications and I love your Blog. Cheers, Dennis Submitted By: Dennis Huntsman   The Last 4 Doctors   2/21/2008 11:38:14 PM
The Last 4 Doctors Feedback I haven''t read the whole of the first chapter yet as I am living my dream here in LA & I am working as a full time Model. The main reason I purchased The Last 4 Doctors You''ll Ever Need was because I love everything that Paul Chek does. He is a very sincere and trust worthy gentleman, he means everything he says. I have applied many of Paul''s tools in my life and I am 100% certain that I am living my legacy as I feel my mind, body & spirit truly in Harmony. I would like to thank all of the C.H.E.K. Institute for being a phenomenal Inspiration not only to me and my wife Mirella Ashton but to the whole world. Keep up the great work, you are all doing an amazing job. Yours truly, Andy Ashton