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About the P~P~S Success Mastery Program


Paul Chek has helped medical practitioners, doctors, world-class athletes, entrepreneurs, executives, and other professionals enhance their understanding of the life process, guiding them to achieve wealth and satisfaction in all areas of their lives. The PPS Success Mastery Program has been designed to give busy and intelligent people anywhere the opportunity to receive success training from Paul Chek—a man who really “walks his talk!”—along with other respected masters he has chosen for their expertise in the subject matter of specific lessons.

This is a multidisciplinary, introspective and expansive journey, guided by Paul and his handpicked experts, which can be accomplished from the comfort of your home or office. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy! Only you are capable of assuming control of your own personal growth. That is why this program is about Self-mastery: your Personal, Professional, and Spiritual life in balance, with purpose and well-being. As a PPS Success Practitioner, over the course of a year, you will complete 12 specifically designed lessons that show you how to take control of your life. By learning to transform your self-destructive habits, you will create and reach your goals.  By living a heathy lifestyle, you will have the increased energy you will need to achieve wealth and happiness. These tools will benefit you, your clients and business colleagues, and most importantly your loved ones.

The commitment to your Self to succeed in the PPS Success Mastery Program is deep. You may not be accustomed to the kind of transformation you will create through PPS mastery. You must be willing to treat both your body and your mind with greater care and attention, and strive to achieve your innate potential.  Though the PPS home study program teaches you how to make that change, you have to be willing to go the distance.

The payback is clear. Often we waste away our money on sodas, cigarettes, or other self-destructive habits. We’ll buy ourselves nonfat mocha lattés and feel like we’re indulging in life’s benefits. For about the same daily cost as those ineffective pursuits, you can participate in a living and learning experience of a lifetime.

If you’re ready to be happy and successful, if you are ready to have more of your Self to give to the significant people in your life, then it’s time to turn that axle in the right direction!

What separates PPS from anything out there is its tangible results in every area of your life. The self-help skills and tools you learn as a PPS Practitioner will be unmistakable as you'll see yourself finally reaching the goals that had previously seemed just out of reach, no matter how many courses or how much self-development work you have done in the past.

As a PPS Practitioner, you will:

  • Face and overcome the doubt, fear, and pressures that have impeded you from creating the life you want
  • Become energized and excited about every day because you have renewed purpose and a focused vision
  • Shift to a healthy lifestyle with more energy and stamina, consuming the freshest organic foods as part of a nourishing and vitalizing diet
  • Rise with more energy and vitality each day, and have more time for fun, family, work  - your pursuit of happiness
  • Use your energy to reach your goals while you improve the lives of friends, family, colleagues, and clients or patients
  • Get your ideas off the ground quickly, with a solid foundation for future growth
  • Take concrete steps to successfully transform your career and life in ways that truly stimulate your creative drive
  • Identify and create the structure and balance you need for your personal growth along with a new and expanding career
  • Accomplish more than ever by working with the most productive and effective people
  • Communicate your vision and inspire those around you to successfully carry out that vision
  • Benefit from expert support during times when a challenge looks beyond your reach
  • Break self-destructive habits that take money, time, and energy away from reaching your true goals
  • Take bigger and smarter risks for amazing payoffs
  • Never settle for less when you know how to get exactly what you want
  • Create wealth that is not at the expense of others while reaching your full financial potential
  • Manage your time more efficiently in business and enjoy your leisure time to its fullest
  • Demonstrate to your family and friends how much they mean to you with your increased presence, wealth, and motivation
  • Learn to truly “BE” with yourself and others!
  • Identify and create your enduring contribution — Your Legacy!

If you are reading this article before having committed yourself to the first lessons of the PPS Success Mastery Program, you should understand that this experience is not for everyone. By its very nature, the program, it asks you to take the helm of your own personal growth. It will challenge disempowering beliefs, uproot self-destructive habits, and neutralize unhealthy relationships. Many will find that they are not using their talents to the fullest, or may not even be in the profession they really desire. To create the kind of transformation this program offers, you must truly be willing to achieve your innate potential.

Of course the benefits of your newfound dedication to your Self-development will quickly become clear. By overcoming the doubts and pressures that previously impeded you, you will experience tremendous self-healing and find that you will be more productive and better able to create the life you want. You will discover that you have more money, more time, and more energy to enjoy the material wealth you are generating. You will find that you are attracting effective and supportive people that you enjoy being around. You will become happier and more satisfied because of all these positive changes.

Some of you are fortunate enough to have found your purpose and simply need help transforming your dreams into reality. Others of you are sure your life holds unquestionable purpose, yet you need assistance from skilled leaders to find your unique contribution—your legacy. This article is my personal invitation to the Personal, Professional, and Spiritual evolutionary process. Together we will walk through the progression of the PPS Success Mastery Practitioner, giving you a solid idea of the program’s power and focus.

Once you have digested the information here, I am confident that you will be much more capable of determining your readiness to engage in the mastery experience.

I would love to help you enjoy the same creative thrust I feel each day!


Paul Chek
Founder of the PPS Success Mastery Program and the C.H.E.K. Institute


Article Abstract:
In this article, Paul Chek walks us through the imagery behind the serpent~eagle~dolphin depicted in the article as a metaphor for the progression of a PPS Success Practitioner. Learning to understand your biological, psychological, and spiritual anatomy affords you the ability to take responsibility for your choices and transform what is not working effectively into something new and more evolved. Consider: what percentage of us, if evaluated honestly, has grown beyond these basic emotional and mental instincts of our childhood development? For many, these are scary questions and often avoided, but they are exactly the questions you must ask yourself if you are to ever achieve the level of personal development necessary to fulfill your potential for wealth and happiness.