Who Is Not Ready?

Are you an individual ready to commit the time and energy necessary to realize the success, wealth, and happiness you were born to create? If so, you are ready for the positive transformations that the P~P~S Success Mastery Center offers through its many products and programs.

While everyone has the potential to achieve in life, we know that the P~P~S Success Mastery Program may not be suited to everyone. This is why we offer a money-back guarantee for our P~P~S Full Program. It is also why we provide you with many free articles and our free Success Wheel Quiz to help you gauge your own level of commitment to success mastery. Take a look at the following kinds of people that may not be ready to make the commitment to Self that P~P~S requires:

P~P~S is not for you if:

You cannot acquire the finances necessary for the training. Although the program will teach you how to increase your wealth dramatically, and you will likely experience dramatic changes in your life almost immediately, it does require time and commitment to fully integrate those changes. P~P~S is NOT a quick-fix solution to financial instability. Added to that, the stress of financial difficulties would be counterproductive to the learning experience.

Your primary aim is to get ahead at the expense of others. We have found that P~P~S Practitioners are creative and successful leaders, but they are not out there simply for the sake of winning at the expense of others. They are involved in maintaining productive relationships and focusing on the “bigger picture.”

You are not open to new ideas. The P~P~S Success Mastery program is a multicultural learning experience that encompasses the contributions of all thinkers interested in finding truth and explaining our place in the world. P~P~S Practitioners challenge ideas; they do not simply subscribe to one religion, one book, one scientific or medical explanation, one philosopher, or one stagnant, unchanging idea.

You are not ready to create a strong sense of self. P~P~S is about empowering your Self, a transformation process that requires a healthy foundation and willingness to build self-esteem. It is a program that will focus your energy; and allow you will to grow in functional ways. P~P~S is not for those looking to feel good about themselves through the perceptions of others.

You just want to be told what to do. This program is designed for those who want to learn to lead by example!

The transformative process can be deeply moving and is intended to create positive habits that will take the place of self-destructive behaviors. It will give you new tools and appreciation for your current and future relationships both personally and professionally. For those that are ready, the P~P~S program is a key step towards Personal, Professional, and Spiritual success mastery!