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One of the many benefits of the P~P~S Success Mastery Program is the excellent net of support you’ll gain as you shift into the career or business where you can make your greatest impact. PPS Practitioners have a wide network from which to draw, including the PPS Members’ forum, PPS “buddies,” and personal evaluations of your lesson homework. When these lifelines just aren’t enough, PPS Success offers you an added level of support: PPS Mentoring. These personal success coaches are well versed in a number of fields—including goal setting, business development, communication skills, and health & wellness—and can help you move beyond any unique challenge you struggle with. Live a life with no limits!

As you transform your life and transition into your dream career, you may face a variety of challenges. That is why I’m eager to introduce you to PPS Mentoring: exemplary and successful men and women whom I have personally selected to support you. If you find yourself wanting additional mentorship while reshaping your life, I urge you to explore what these mentors can offer you today. And to learn about my own mentoring services, read my Meet Paul Chek page! — Paul Chek

 Christine Perakis
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Over 90% of businesses fail in the first five years. So what is it that sets the small, successful percentage apart? The ability to reach goals, which comes from clear vision backed by planning, strategy, and effective use of intent and energy. In every such successful business, there is at least one individual with that core competency, the “captain at the helm” so to speak. Christine Perakis is not only a gift to you as a mentor, teaching you how to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of business life, she is also MY MENTOR IN THE SAME RIGHT! I can make no greater offering to you than to say, “Christine Perakis is my partner in the PPS Program, my own Business Success Coach, and it is my Dream that you feel the joy of Success that I feel working with her every day!”

 Vidya McNeill, MA
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If you were walking through a farmers field looking for a ripe strawberry, kneeled down to pick one and felt something poking you in the knee, only to find it was a diamond of infinite value, what would you do with it? And, would you forget about that strawberry?

In my walk through the strawberry fields of forever, I came across one such diamond. Her name is Vidya McNeill. Vidya's capacity to read people authentically, to love them and to guide them is second to none! Vidya is a very experienced psychologist, Vedic Healer and business consultant - a combination that can only reach maturity in one that has truly lived life. Vidya is a great source of inspiration to me personally. I'm constantly amazed at how effectively she can love and lead people to both their dreams and Self-Realization. So impressed with her in fact, that your first appointment with her may be right after mine; she and I are sharing the strawberry and the diamond with you!

 Brian Alman
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Throughout my 22-year career in health & wellness, I have worked with and learned from many psychologists. With few exceptions, I was led to the conclusion that psychologists are often a group of the lost leading the lost. But when I met Brian Alman, I was reminded once again that the cream always rises to the top. Brian is the crème de la crème. He is the man I turn to when my patients need to refurbish their minds and create anew. Thank you, Brian, for your willingness to make yourself available to the PPS Practitioners!

 Alex Censor
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An expert in non-violent communication skills, Alex’s willingness to listen demonstrates his true leadership as a Coach. Alex’s ability to stay with his client is excellent, and I have witnessed his skills under the kind of pressure and crossfire that turns most coaches into patients, most communicators into arguers. He is capable of gently leading you toward successful resolution of your own challenges without judgment. Thank you, Alex, for being willing to share your precious time and skills with my fellow PPS Practitioners as their mentor.

 Meera Censor
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Studying non-violent communication skills wasn’t merely a hobby for Meera Censor. Meera’s training is her lifetime experience. It has been rich, challenging, and trying unto depths that many fear to go, but it has led her to a natural talent for non-judgment. She allows each of her clients to unravel their issues without ever feeling helplessly exposed. When she aids you in constructing yourself again, you are only what is truly You. She is my mother and it is only through her willingness to go well before me and chart the dangerous waters that life offers that I, too, have been able to discover my own navigational skills. It is my absolute Joy to share her with all PPS Practitioners!

 DiVanna VaDree
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Sir Francis Bacon said, “To achieve results never before obtained, you must attempt methods never before tried.” My personal experience with DiVanna has shown me that not only is she deeply supported by the spiritual realm in her work with clients, she is also able to transcend ego to access your Higher Self. DiVanna has proven to me personally that she can facilitate the cultivation of worthy solutions. If you need to find the possible within the seemingly impossible, DiVanna VaDree is the mentor I recommend for any and all PPS Practitioners!

 JP Sears
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When I met J.P. Sears, he was in his first certification course with me, and now, four years later, he is an instructor and Chief Practitioner at the C.H.E.K Institute. His talents for aiding anyone in achieving health and fitness are world-class. But beyond those talents, his capacity to “BE” with each of his clients, to explore the depths with you, and to carefully guide you back to a much more empowering reality, is extraordinary! I personally requested that J.P. offer his services to you as a PPS Mentor so that you too can feel safe and secure as you explore what challenges or scares you. No matter how deep you may go, J.P. can, and WILL, anchor you in the realization of the life you want, not the one you don’t want!

Steve Turner
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Stan DeVaughn
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I'm very excited to offer you the services of Stever Turner and Stan DeVaughn of Turner and Associates Marketing. Christine, Penny and I
chose them to assist us with the P~P~S Success Mastery Program after many interviews with other marketing companies. These guys were very
thorough, understanding, competent and highly organized and professional. I've interacted with them enough to know that they are
the cream of the marketing industry and it gives me great joy to share them with all of you!

Love and Chi,

Paul Chek