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The Earth is a Schoolyard by Paul Chek

The PPS program often takes practitioners into uncharted territory. After all, there’s a lot to learn about being a human! Fortunately we have plenty of time and the Earth is an amazing schoolyard for us to learn and grow. And if current world events are any indication, there are a lot of people with a lot of growing to do. In fact, the vast majority of people are still pretty far down on the developmental process.

Responsibility and Development

I've represented this fact in the diagram above. In the center of the diagram is a large pyramid with each of the colors of the seven Chakras, beginning at the bottom with the red Chakra for safety and security, and progressing up to the final level of development with the purple Chakra at the point. This pyramid shows the percentage of the population at each level of development. Thus the vast majority of humans are still at the earliest levels of development. ‘C of G’ represents the center of gravity, where the average human being is located developmentally.

Why are so many people stuck down there?

The simple answer is that the vast majority of souls are stuck at the lower levels of the pyramid because they are younger and still have much to learn. The soul wants to create but in order to do so we first have to learn to overcome the physical/material self and its needs. This is something that is learned with greater experience over our lifetime. As we grow and learn to create we naturally want to create more positive and Spiritually enlightened things.

As you mature and learn, the Higher Self expects more of you. The inverted pyramid in the diagram above shows the level of responsibility your Higher Self expects of you as you evolve. A new Soul, in Hindu philosophy, will be into making money and collecting material goods. A young Soul hasn’t learned much and so little is expected of it. These younger Souls simply don’t want to accept the responsibility that comes with being effective as a lover, a communicator or a creator. In the end young Souls often sabotage themselves at a subconscious level – they just aren’t ready to accept the responsibilities that come with higher development. On the other hand, older Souls such as Chief Joseph and Gandhi are at the top of the pyramid and have learned more and have, therefore, greater responsibility.

The take home message here is that we are all here to learn and to grow. By living our legacy we fill this need in ourselves to evolve and create and, at the same time, provide genuine leadership and love to those around us, including, most importantly, our children.

This month, I invite you to think about where you are in the pyramid of development and the changes you can make to move upwards. What experiences are you having that you can learn and grow from today? Be open to those experiences as learning experiences and you're one step closer to living your legacy.



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